Описание ящиков призов в Multi-player mode

MONEY Кредиты $2,000
NUKE MISSILE Ядерная ракета эквивалент NOD MISSILE
REVEAL MAP Открыть всю карту
STEALTH Скрыть один или несколько юнитов находящихся в узком радиусе
HEAL ALL Ремонт и починка на 100%
ION CANNON Ионный выстрел эквивалент GDI ION CANNON
NUKE STRIKE Плохой приз. Моментальный взрыв ядерной ракеты
BOMB Плохой приз. Взрыв бомбы
HIDE MAP Плохой приз. Закрывает всю карту
VISCEROID Висероид порождение тибериана, атакует случайную цель
Special Keyboard Shortcuts
C&C has a range of keyboard shortcuts and extra features which are keyboard driven. These are intended for the advanced player and are not essential to normal gameplay. They are, however, very cool:

Unit Control:

G: Guard Area Select a group of units and then hit G to put them into Guard Area mode. In this mode, units will patrol and open fire on any enemy units that come within range.

X: Scatter Units This causes a selected group of units to scatter (for example, to make themselves into more difficult targets).

S: Stop Unit Causes a unit to stop in its tracks.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

F7-F10: Map Bookmark System Use CTRL+F7-F10 to place a bookmark, then use F7-F10 to jump to that spot.

-#: Team Creation Use CTRL and a number key (0-9) to mark a group of selected units as a team.

0-9: Team Selection Selects a pre-marked team (see Team Creation) as the current active group.

TAB: Open/Close Sidebar

H: Automatically selects and centers the view around your construction yard.

N: Your next unit on the playing field is selected and the view is centered about it.

R: Allows resigning in single player mode as well as multiplayer.

: Centers the view around the currently selected object.

-#: If the key is held while pressing a team number, the specified team will be selected and the view centered over the team members. This is identical to pressing the team number and then pressing .

Multiplayer Options:

A: Alliance Select an enemy unit and hit A. This causes your units to treat all the units of the allied side as friendly, as such you will not be able to target them. Note that this is not a reciprocal arrangement and your new ally must explicitly do the same thing to your units. This is a toggle and hitting A for a second time will cause you to declare war on your old ally.

R: Resign from Multiplayer Game If all hope is lost you can resign, or surrender, by hitting the R key. This causes all your units to explode in a spectacular manner, thus depriving your enemy of absolute victory! It should be noted that anyone using this option in other than hopeless situations will be considered a wimp by their opponents and will be endlessly taunted in subsequent games. Probably.

Cursor Modifiers:

CTRL: Force Attack Holding down the CTRL key forces your cursor into the target cursor. This allows you to target your own units, amongst other things.

ALT: Force Move Forces your units to move when they would normally just stand and fight. This is useful with tanks against enemy infantry, for example. Try it and see.

CTRL+ALT: Guard Area or Unit Select a group of units and then CTRL+ALT click on a building, this forces your units to patrol the area around the building looking for the enemy. They will engage the enemy if found. If you CTRL+ALT click on another one of your units (for example, the harvester) your selected units will guard that unit as it moves around the map. This also applies to enemy units, which is perhaps not so useful.


COVERT OPERATIONS это дополнительные миссии для COMMAND & CONQUER которые были выпущены на трёх языках.Помимо этого данные миссии включают в себя:
* 7 новых GDI и 8 новых NOD миссий.
* 10 новых карт для игры по сети.
* 7 новых музыкальных треков.
* Автоматически патчит игру самым последним патчем.


C&C Gold это C&C для Windows 95. Всё переведено в SVGA графику и цвета,поддержа игры по интернету через Westwood Online и поддержка сети, а так же C&C Темы для Win95.