Prepare for the showdown that will test your mettle.

Prepare for guerrilla tactics, insidious strategies and forbidden weapons.

Prepare for The Aftermath, the second explosive companion disc for Command & Conquer Red Alert.

Of course, you can't have the battle without the war. You must own Command & Conquer Red Alert to play this missions disc.

New Features:

  • 7 New Units playable in both solo play missions and multiplayer games

  • 18 all-new missions unleash more mayhem and chaos

  • 100 new multiplayer maps

  • Specially-designed maps for 2 and 4 player multiplayer matches

  • Larger size multiplayer MEGA maps -- twice the size for twice the fun

  • 8 new battlesongs expanding the Red Alert soundtrack to 35 tracks!

New Allied units:

  • Stealthy Chronotank

  • Unit-repairing Field Mechanic


New Soviet units:

  • Formidable Tesla Tank

  • Devastating sea-to-land Missile Submarine

  • Electrifying Shock Troopers

  • Hammer-Hitting M.A.D. Tank


PLUS, both sides have a devastating new addition to their arsenal -- the Explosive Demolitions Truck!


  • Latest upgrades for Command & Conquer Red Alert

  • Most recent version of Westwood Chat, THE definitive battleground for combat craving Internet gamers

MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Pentium Processor required, Windows 95 required, 8 megs of RAM (16 MBs strongly recommended), double-speed CD-ROM, 30 MBs free on hard drive, 28.8 kbps modem or direct internet connection, Winsock 1.1 compliant TCP/IP stack

VIDEO CARDS SUPPORTED: 1MB local bus, Microsoft DirectDrawTM compatible video card (640 x 400 or 640 x 480 pixels in 256 colors)

AUDIO DEVICES SUPPORTED: Sound Blaster: 8-bit cards, 16-bit cards and the AWE 32. ESS: 488, 688, 1488, 1688, 1788. MediaVision: PAS 16, PAS Studio, PAS Plus, Pro 3D, and Blue Light Special. Aztec: Nova 16, Washington 16, Rocky 2, or Microsoft DirectSoundTM supported sound card.


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