For those of you who haven't played our award winning strategy game yet, we've got a present for ya! The Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn Demo offers 3 fully playable missions, video clips of our amazing 3D rendered graphics, and two cuts from the game soundtrack.

Download both part 1 & 2 of the Command & Conquer demo. While you only need to download part 1 to play the game, part 2 is required if you wish to view the cutscenes & mission briefings or listen to the music soundtrack.

Create a subdirectory on your hard drive entitled "C&CDEMO" by going to your root directory (type "CD \" at the DOS prompt), then type "MD C&CDEMO" to create the directory. Copy the two files you have downloaded into this directory. Unextract the files CC1DEMO1.ZIP and CC1DEMO2.ZIP.

Type "SETUP" to select your soundcard and run the game. After you have verified that the game is running properly, you can delete the C&CDEMO1.EXE and C&CDEMO2.EXE files to save hard drive space.

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