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Includes all three games in the Kyrandia Trilogy!

What?? You've never tried a fish creme sandwich? Never climbed onto a Tyrannasour Rex with a teddy bear as bait? Never saved an enchanted land from a maniacal court jester, a 6ft hand, or a bunch of pirates?


Obvsiously, you haven't been playing our Legend of Kyrandia series! Winners of many awards, all three of our games have been heralded as best sellers in multiple languages around the world.

Now, you have the opportunity to own a piece of (Kyrandian) history! Whether you own just one or two of the original games, you can now complete the set with this special collectors edition CD-ROM compilation.

BOOK ONE (THE LEGEND OF KYRANDIA): Called "one of the best adventure games" by Computer Game Review, casts you as Brandon, the rightful heir of a realm thrown into chaos with the slaying of the peaceful King William. Explore this mustical land in search of the twisted jester Malcolm and truth behind your father's death.

BOOK TWO (THE HAND OF FATE): The Land of Kyrandia is slowly disappearing and you must find a way to save it. As the off-beat mystic Zanthia, you'll travel deeper and further into an adventure world that will tantalize and twist even the sharpest minds.

BOOK THREE (MALCOM'S REVENGE): Finally, in the hilarious and unpredicatable MALCOLM'S REVENGE, you are the much maligned court jester Malcolm - and you have one last chance to save your rude, misunderstood hide. It won't be easy. Your country despises you. Pirates double-cross you and the Underworld entices you. It's a land of magic where the trick is to stay alive.

Coming in Late February to a Software Store near you.
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