NOW you see it. Now you don't. The land of Kyrandia is disappearing piece by piece and all the evidence points toward one perilous conclusion: a curse.

Thus begins THE HAND OF FATE, second in the Fables & Fiends series, where you are the offbeat, young mystic who must voyage to the center of the world to break the spell. Out of sync and out on foot, your aberrant journey reveals nothing is what it seems. Everything is what it isn't. And you can count your friends on one hand. Literally...

Zanthia, youngest of the Kyrandia Mystics, stars in this adventure to save her homeland from disappearing. An unwated love interest, and inattentive sidekick, and..this hand...all conspire to make Zanthia's quest even more challenging.

Crafty Kyrandian veterans from the first Fables & Fiends adventure, The Legend of Kyrandia, may recognize their favorite land of giant frogs, talking trees and really strange berries. But this isn't just the same old Kyrandia! Challenging puzzles, new characters, and lots of self-conscious wisecracks from our heroine make Hand of Fate more challening than it's predecessor.

Conspiring to push the twisted edge of cinemagraphic entertainment, Westwood Studios has designed more involving puzzles and gameplay than ever before with THE HAND OF FATE. The most advanced graphics on the market are first pencil tested, then painted on-screen to surrealistic perfection. Breakthrough Trulight technology illuminates each scene more cinematically for a fuller, fourth dimensional picture. And, the new "State of Mind System", along with superior intuitive interfacing, enables you and over 50 characters to change your mind, mood and mayhem based on preceding events.

Don't just play with your mind. Change the way your mind plays. Grasp THE HAND OF FATE and kiss conventional logic goodbye.

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