Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn

Say goodbye to the rest of your life. Pick up this game and you will be doomed to a virtual life of interactive strategy, engaging imaginary heroes, and a whole family of people just like you. You won't care about your job or your school. You won't care about eating. You won't care about any friends (or family members) that don't also play C&C. Opening this box could be a very serious mistake.


Kyrandia Book 1: The Legend of Kyrandia

Called "one of the best adventure games" by Computer Game Review, casts you as Brandon, the rightful heir of a realm thrown into chaos with the slaying of the peaceful King William. Explore this mystical land in search of the twisted jester Malcolm and truth behind your father's death.

Kyrandia Book 3: Malcolm's Revenge

In the hilarious and unpredicatable MALCOLM'S REVENGE, you are the much maligned court jester Malcolm - and you have one last chance to save your rude, misunderstood hide. It won't be easy. Your country despises you. Pirates double-cross you and the Underworld entices you. It's a land of magic where the trick is to stay alive.


The Monopoly CD-ROM Game

Hop on board the CD-ROM version of the MONOPOLY game, the best-selling board game of all time! State of-the-art 3D graphics, 16-bit digial sound and Internet play for up to 6 players make this classic a completely new experience for players of all ages.

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