With the release of Command & Conquer last year, Westwood Studios broke new ground in the computer real-time strategy genre. C&C has been heralded as one of the year's best, selling over 1 million copies to date worldwide. Thousands of people challenge each other daily, with the war raging over phone lines and the Internet as all strive for supremacy over their peers.

Now, Westwood Studios prepares to once again re-define the real-time strategy game with Command & Conquer: Red Alert. The prequel to C&C, Red Alert probes deeper into the mystery of the C&C universe, giving the player all new strategies and elements to further their conquests in solo, LAN, and modem play.

The story: World War II never happened. At least, not the way we think of it. Hitler never rose to power and threatened all of Europe - something more terrible happened: Joseph Stalin.

The Soviet empire is storming into Europe. Towns are falling and countries collapsing before the overwhelming might of the Soviet forces. Does anyone stand a chance, or will the red storm engulf all of Europe?

New Features for Red Alert include :
  • Enhanced AI - The computer is smarter than ever! Base construction and management are the smallest of the enhancements. New settings will allow the player to set the difficulty of the opponent they want.

  • New Units & Structures - Thieves, Medics, Attack Dogs, Spies, Land Mines, Tesla Coils, Mobile Radar Jammers, Saboteurs, Destroyers, Cruisers, Bombers, Paratroopers, and Submarines... to name just a few. We won't even hint at what the Chronosphere and Gap Generators do.

  • Improved unit control - Complete control over air, land and sea. Formations control for those with specific tactics in mind, and waypoint plotting for all those that want units to get to their destination in a certain way.

  • Enhanced Multiplay - New Internet head-to-head and 8 Player IPX multiplay. Improved chat interface that allows for longer messages and more transmission of information to the player. New setup options make starting a game even faster.

  • Skirmish Mode - Want a little practice? Take on one to five computer opponents in a solo Multi-player game.

  • Detailed, interweaving story-line - an Allied and a Soviet path through the game with 13+ missions per path. A large cast of characters, including Stalin and Einstein, brings it all to life, drawing you into the C&C universe.

  • Play in standard VGA and Super VGA screen modes with detailed graphics like you have never seen before!

Add to this the superb 3D cinematics and audio that people expect from Westwood Studios, and the result is obvious - A game so addicting you'll swear the history books are wrong.