Pentium Required

Windows 95 Required

8MB RAM (16MB STRONGLY recommended)

30 MB HD space


100% Microsoft Compatible Mouse

Double Speed CD-ROM or better

1MB Local BUS, MS Direct Draw compatible video card (640x400 or 640x480 pixels in 256 colors)

Sound Card: Sound Blaster (all models), ESS: 488, 688, 1488, 1688, Mediavision
(most models), Aztech: Nova 16, Washington 16, Rocky 2 or any Microsoft DirectSound supported card

Multiplayer: 2-4 players over IPX compatible Network 2 players over null-modem cable 2 players over minimum 14.4k baud modem 2 players over Winsock 1.1 compliant Winsock stack (requires ISP connection over 28.8k baud modem or direct Internet connection such as
ISDN or T1).

MS-DOS 5.0 or higher 486DX2/66 or higher

8MB RAM 30MB HD Space


100% Microsoft Compatible Mouse

Double Speed CD-ROM or better

VGA video card (320x200x25)

Sound card: Sound Blaster (all models), Ultrasound, Ultrasound Max, ESS Audiodrive, Ensonique Soundscape, Roland RAP-10, Gold Sound Standard, Pro Audio Spectrum, Microsoft Sound System

Multiplayer: 2-4 Players over IPX compatible network, 2 Players over Null modem cable, 2 Players over minimum 14.4k baud modem

C&C Mac

Power Macintosh w/Power PC CPU

System 7.5

8MB free RAM (16MB free for internet play)

Digital Audio via Power Macintosh built-in audio 2X CD-ROM

30 MB free HD space plus 10 MB free to run game

14.4 (28.8 recommended) modem w/direct internet connection, Mac TCP x2.0.6 or Open Transport v. 1.1 or higher for modem play

IPX network for Local Area Network play

Extended Keyboard


Color Monitor supporting 256 colors and at least 640 x 480