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08/04/97 Westwood Fuels the Fires of War with Red Alert The Aftermath
08/04/97 Westwood goes back to school with large donation
08/04/97 Westwood Answers call to battle with C&C Red Alert THE AFTERMATH
06/21/97 Westwood Unveils Blade Runner at E3
06/20/97 Westwood previews new titles at E3.
06/19/97 Westwood releases Sole Survivor for open testing.
06/12/97 Command & Conquer brand sales reach 5 million units
06/03/97 Westwood Recieves Congressional Certificate of Acheivement
04/24/97 Next Lands of Lore game to release this summer!
04/17/97 New Command & Conquer Sole Survivor Game announced
04/14/97 Red Alert nominated for Four Industry Awards
04/03/97 Westwood Launches Counterstrike
03/17/97 Westwood Studios Storms the Playstation
03/12/97 Westwood Studios Announces Settlement with
makers of DEFCON 3
02/27/97 Westwood Studios Conquers the Sony PlayStation
01/27/97 Red Alert fans prepare for impending Counterstrike
01/23/97 Westwood Studios Announces Plans to Develop Titles for DVD
01/21/97 Westwood hosts over 300,000 games on Internet Service

12/18/96 Westwood Studios Command & Conquers the Macintosh
12/17/96 Command & Conquer Red Alert Breaks Sales Records in Four Weeks
12/03/96 Westwood Studios brings Command & Conquer: Red Alert to MTV
11/22/96 Software Retailers on full alert as Westwood Studios' Red Alert Ships
09/19/96 Westwood Studios Dominates Windows 95
09/19/96 Westwood makes committment to Macintosh
09/19/96 Countdown to Red Alert begins
09/19/96 Command & Conquer comes to the Saturn
09/04/96 TEN Adds Command & Conquer to Growing Lineup of Games
08/28/96 Westwood hits GENCON 96'
02/15/96 Command & Conquer voted Game of the Year

10/25/95 Westwood Launches new Internet Game Service
05/12/95 Westwood Studios to release BLADE RUNNER game

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