Face it. With the political unrest and social tension in the world today, someone with a tank is eventually going to come knocking on your front door. Are you prepared? Better to show you're on the "winning side" with cool military gear from Westwood than end up as a prisoner of war. All items shown below are in stock, but quantities of some items are limited.

Made from 100% Cotton, this preshrunk XL shirt will fit almost everyone. "Surrender is not an option" on front makes your position clear to angry housewife or parent who complains that you're always playing games.

Red Alert Military Insignia
This official insignia set is a great way to show your friends you were in the trenches getting shot at while they sat idle in front of the TV. Made of metal and enamel, they measure approximately 1" x 3/4".

Red Alert Music CD
Play it in your Hummer while cruising the battlefield or in the HQ at home. Winner of several music awards, the Red Alert Music CD contains over one hour of music from the game in high-quality Redbook format.

Red Alert Poster
Coveted in Soviet art galleries, this genuine Red Alert poster can be yours for a very low price. Poster measures 24" x 36" and comes in a tube to prevent folding.