Membership in Club Westwood is free, but you will have to register to get your account and nickname reserved. Follow the steps below to get online in just a few minutes!

Download the new version of WCHAT for your computer from our FTP server.

  • PC/Compatibles Westwood Chat 3.3 (American English)
  • PC/Compatibles Westwood Chat 3.3 (United Kingdom)
  • PC Compatibles Westwood Chat 3.3 (French)
  • PC/Compatibles Westwood Chat 3.3 (German)
  • Macintosh Westwood Chat 3.4 (English)

  • Windows 3.11 users will also need to
    install the Win32s.z file as well!

    For PC users, follow these instructions to install Westwood Chat:

    Move the file you just downloaded to a temporary folder (C:\TEMP is usually a good choice), and then double-click on the file name in Explorer to extract the setup files. Once all of the setup files have been extracted, there should be a file called "setup.exe" in the folder. Simply double-click on this file to run the installation program.

    Once Westwood Chat has been installed, you need to run the Internet Registration program to obtain a login name and password, if you have not previously done so. To run this program select "Start" from the taskbar, then "Programs", then "Westwood", and finally "Internet Registration". Follow the directions, and you're all set!

    Visit the WCHAT Homepage
    for help, upcoming events, and special guest speakers!

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