Westwood Chat is a place for people of all ages to meet and greet, however because of the possibility that not everyone will be good and use it for the enjoyment of all (like it was intended), it is monitored regularly by Westwood system operators.

To avoid embarrassment and much unpleasantness, please read and follow the short list of guidelines below. Thanks, and enjoy using Westwood Chat!

Please watch your language. Westwood Chat is a place for all ages, including children. Any public profanity, sexual references or comments said in bad taste are grounds for removal.

When choosing your user handle or creating channel names please remember - no profanity or sexual references in the title.

Be courteous to others. Westwood Chat should be a fun and enjoyable place for all. Do not pester or annoy your fellow users!

Users engaging in illegal activity will be removed from the service at once.

Please do not make references to race, religion, or sexual preference. The person you insult might have been your new best friend!

Impersonation of Westwood Studios employees will not be tolerated! Westwood employees often use (and help monitor) Westwood Chat, but they won't reveal their identity to the public unless it is a special Westwood Chat event. So, if you see someone bragging or openly announcing that they work at Westwood, don't be fooled!

Most of the time, users of Westwood Chat will find that simply squelching a trouble maker will solve a problem until a Westwood monitor deals with the offender. If a situation arises that squelching won't remedy, you can write us email, informing us of the offenders handle, and the time the incident occurred. We'll look into the matter at our first opportunity.

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