The Global Defense Initiative

Commonly, GDI. Before 1966, known as Special Operations Group Echo, Black Ops 9.

FOUNDED:		12 October 1995, in accordance with the United
			Nations Global Defense Act (UNGDA)

IDEOLOGY:		To enforce the United Nations Global Defense Act
			and uphold the ideals as outlined in the United
			Nations Charter.

CURRENT HEAD OF STATE:	Brigadier General Abra Shepherd, Chief of
			Staff, United Nations Military Command.

BASE OF OPERATIONS:	United Nations Military Command Center,
			location CLASSIFIED. 

MILITARY STRENGTH:	Within parameters of the UNGDA, Article V,
			Section 3A, Paragraph 12.

ECONOMIC STRENGTH:	Funded by United Nations and various
			national governments, public organizations, and
			private enterprise.

POLITICAL STRENGTH:	Not applicable:  operates within parameters
			of the UNGDA and under the orders of the United
			Nations Security Council.

AFFILIATIONS:		United Nations.

SEE ALSO:		Shepherd, A.S.J.; United Nations, 1995 to
			present; United Nations Global Defense Act, 1995;
			Mobius, Dr. R.H.