Command & Conquer, is an interactive strategy game like no other. Unlike traditional "strategy" games, Command & Conquer offers real-time combat. The emphasis isn't on turn taking or solving tactical problems like fuel, food, and bullets, but on real-time thrills, spills, and kills.

Those old-time Westwood followers might recognize that Command & Conquer is based on the same game engine as Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty (on IBM and Amiga) and Dune: The Battle for Arrakis (on Sega Genesis). Undoubtedly, game play in Command & Conquer shares the same elements of addictive fun as its predecessors: balancing realtime combat along with city/base-building simulation, along with the race to gather precious resources to finance the player's combat and building efforts. But while the game play balance was preserved, Command & Conquer's Artificial intelligence has been greatly enhanced to take advantage of the player's strategies and weaknesses. Rarely will the computer make the same mistake twice. You can expect to see sneak attacks, advanced patrols, and entire convoys striking at multiple weak points at once. In Command & Conquer, the outcome of battle is not determined by your adversary's weaknesses, but by your own.

In Command & Conquer, you must first choose who you fight for. Does your allegiance go to The evil Brotherhood of Nod, a terrorist faction bent on world dominance? Or, do you choose to fight for the good of all, and support the United Nations Global Defense Initiative (GDI)? With Command & Conquer, you can expect twice as much game play, without the feeling you're playing the same game over and over.

Added to the addictive fun of the game's play are the animated cinematic sequences. Employing the latest cutting-edge graphics techniques, the Westwood staff artists working on Command & Conquer combined the use of rendered and digitized full-motion video. Set to a script written by professional screenwriters, these animated sequences set the game play in an exciting story that places you right in the middle of the action.

And because you asked for it, Command & Conquer will allow you to go head-to-head against other commanders in specially designed missions over a modem (2 player) or network (4 player)! As most of us know, nothing feels better than blasting your friends into dust, then gloating in triumph afterward. All of this, combined with the ability to play good or evil, modem or network, Human or Computer AI makes Westwood's Command & Conquer a game with tons of replay value.

Some of Command & Conquer's cool features include....

MS-DOS 5.0 or higher
486 DX2/66 or higher
30MB HD Space
100% Microsoft Compatible Mouse
Double Speed CDROM or better
VGA video card (320x200x25)

Sound card
: Sound Blaster (all models), Ultrasound, Ultrasound Max, ESS Audiodrive, Ensonique Soundscape, Roland RAP-10, Gold Sound Standard, Pro Audio Spectrum, Microsoft Sound System

2-4 Players over IPX compatible network
2 Players over Null modem cable
2 Players over minimum 14.4k baud modem
Pentium Required
Windows 95 Required
8MB RAM (16MB STRONGLY recommended)
30 MB HD space
100% Microsoft Compatible Mouse
Double Speed CDROM or better
1MB Local BUS, MS Direct Draw compatible
video card (640x400 or 640x480 pixels in 256 colors)

Sound Card: Sound Blaster (all models), ESS: 488, 688, 1488, 1688, Mediavision (most models), Aztech: Nova 16, Washington 16, Rocky 2 or any Microsoft DirectSound supported card.

2-4 players over IPX compatible Network
2 players over null-modem cable
2 players over minimum 14.4k baud modem
2 players over Winsock 1.1 compliant Winsock
stack (requires ISP connection over 28.8k baud modem or direct Internet connection such as ISDN or T1).