The Brotherhood of Nod

Commonly, “The Brotherhood,” “The Ways of Nod,” “Sha’Seer” among the
tribes of Godan; see attached, Aliases of the Brotherhood, for

FOUNDED:		Date unknown: exaggerated reports place the
			Brotherhood's founding before 1,800 B.C.

IDEOLOGY:		Control of the world's energy resources.

CURRENT HEAD OF STATE:	Kane; also known as Caine, Jacob (INTERPOL,
			File TRX11-12Q); al-Quayym, Amir (MI6 DR-

BASE OF OPERATIONS:	Global.  Command posts previously identified
			at Kuantan, Malaysia; somewhere in Ar-Rub' 
			al-Khali, Saudi Arabia; Tokyo; Caen, France.

MILITARY STRENGTH:	Previously believed only to be a smaller
			terrorist operation, a recent scandal
			involving United States defense contractors 
			affirms that the Brotherhood is well-equipped
			and supports significant land, sea, and air
			military operations.

ECONOMIC STRENGTH:	Considerable - operating assets believed to
			be in excess of US$255.2 billion, based on
			audits of seized financial records (see CIA
			Docket 3231.54-776 FIA).

POLITICAL STRENGTH:	Believed to be the sole backers of the Fist
			of Allah party in Jordan (52%); United We
			Stand America party in the United States
			(12%); Albion First! party in the United
			Kingdom (25+%), among others.  (See Brookings
			Institution publication A42962-94 for full

AFFILIATIONS:		Irish Republican Party; Islamic Jihad; Khmer
			Rouge; others. (See document: Brotherhood of
			Nod Splinter Groups.)

SEE ALSO:		Mobius, Dr. R.H.; terrorist activities;
			United States Global Defense Act; Report of
			World Energy Radical Redistribution, US
			Congressional Report, 1994.