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  1. Help! I've forgotten my password and can't get up!

  2. After installing the new WCHAT I start to have password or Nickname problems.
  3. Introduction to Westwood Chat

  4. System Requirements

  5. How to install Westwood Chat

  6. A brief explanation of Westwood Chat's features

  7. What to do if Westwood Chat doesn't work

  8. Westwood Chat Guidelines

What is Westwood Chat?

Westwood Chat is a freeware program developed by Westwood Studios to provide gamers with a place to meet on the Internet. With Westwood Chat, you can start or arrange a game of Monopoly CD-ROM or Command & Conquer, discuss strategies, or maybe talk with some of our tech support and guest speakers here at Westwood Studios.

No license is granted for distribution of Westwood Chat. It may *not* be made available by any other means than through the Westwood Studios web and ftp servers.

What do I need to run Westwood Chat?

Westwood Chat requires the following in order to run properly on your system..

  • IBM PC or Compatible 386/25mhz machine.
  • 4 or more megabytes of memory.
  • Windows 3.1, 3.11, or Windows 95.
  • A True SLIP or PPP connection.

I tried upgrading WCHAT, but I'm having password or nickname problems.

Before you install the new version of WCHAT, you must delete your old version. Most often, people install the new WCHAT but their desktop icons still point to an old version located on their harddrive - even in another directory.

By deleting the old version, and installing the new version into the same directory, your icon will continue to run WCHAT.

How to install Westwood Chat

Westwood Chat is very easy to install and operate. Simply running the program will automatically connect you to the Westwood chat server.

To run your chat program automatically by clicking the CHAT NOW! button, follow the three steps below...

  1. Go to the Westwood Chat page. Click on "CHAT NOW!"
  2. Click on the "BROWSE" button
  3. Navigate to the directory that contains your WCHAT.EXE program.
  4. Double click on WCHAT.EXE.
  5. Hit the OKAY button.
  6. You're done!

  7. Now, Netscape will automatically load Westwood Chat whenever
    you click the CHAT NOW! icon.

A Brief explanation of Westwood Chat's cool features.

Westwood Chat 2.5 offers many cool features that allow users to have more control over the channels they create, and who they wish to talk with. A full help menu is included with Westwood Chat, simply by pressing the yellow question mark icon. Here's a brief list of the abilities of Westwood Chat version 2.5 :

  1. Create a channel
    This menu option allows you to create your own channel. This is especially useful for establishing a private conversation with several other users. (See also the Kick menu option in this section.)

  2. Join a channel
    This menu option allows you to join a channel. The list of channels available is shown in the Channel List box. You can only join one channel at a time. To join another channel, you must first leave the current channel.

  3. List channels
    This menu option updates the list of channels available on the Westwood chat server and places them in the Channel List box.

  4. List users
    This menu option updates the list of users in the current channel and places them in the Channel List box.

  5. Leave a channel
    This menu option allows you to exit the current channel.

  6. Action
    This menu option is similar to sending a message to the entire channel. After selecting this option, enter your "action" into the input box and click on the OK button. The text in the input box will then be appended to your nickname and sent to everyone on the current channel.
  7. For example: If your nickname is "Guru", and the text you entered into the action input box is "rules the net", the action message that will be sent to everyone on the current channel is "Guru rules the net."

  8. Host
    This menu option sends your IP address to the users you have selected from the Users List box. They can then use that address to connect to the game that you are hosting.

  9. Squelch
    This feature allows you to squelch a user or group of users. Squelching a user filters out messages to you from that user. To squelch one or more users, click on the user name(s) in the User List box, and select this menu option.

  10. If a user is currently squelched, and you select that user name in the User List box, it will undo the squelch on that user.

  11. Kick
    If you own a channel (see Create a channel), this feature allows you to remove users from your conversation. To kick off one or more users, click on the user name(s) in the User List box, and select this menu option.

What to do if you can't get Westwood Chat to work correctly.

Westwood Chat requires no configuration, and no special setup to run. If you're having trouble, it may be a result of one of the following..

  • You're using an online service, like America Online, that inhibits IRC messages.
  • You don't have a SLIP or PPP connection to the Internet.

Make sure to check the Help section contained within the Westwood Chat program. It contains information on how to use Westwood Chat, how to create your own topic, and other valuable features as well.

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